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My overall experience with Lace Xclusive has been nothing less than great!
It has been 2 months now, and after swimming (lake and chlorine), exercising, bleaching and dying, the hair quality has remained true.
The only down fall is if a moisturizer is applied to the hair, it has to be very light weight or the hair will be weighed down. For more information on this hair Watch the video below!  

Virgin Brazilian Wave

Dyed with 1B (Clariol) and bleached.

Triple Threat bundle I purchased:

Price: 210.00 USD

I have had this hair for two months and I have mixed feelings. I am not totally pleased but content. Watch the video below for more information.

To see the initial review/unboxing click here
For 2 week update check here 

Products I used for the week deep condition below:

I am always trying to live a healthy lifestyle but my healthy habits seem to fall after three weeks after trial. It was the same pattern with my boxing classes, drinking cinnamon/acv, low carb intakes and the list goes on.
The one thing I have truly been faithful to is water! Water has so many amazing benefits that literally replenished my life.
According to WebMD:

-Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.
-Water Can Help Control Calories
-Water Helps Energize Muscles
-Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good
-Water Helps Your Kidneys
-Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function

Those are great healing benefits don't you all think!?
Because I can stick by water I have decided to try to infuse my water with this great belly flattening recipe. According to Doctor Oz. and other "credible" sources (yes I don't think Dr.oz is all that credible), grapefruit, cucumber and mint leaves help to curb appetite and reduce belly fat. Of course I still do my workouts 3 times a week whether they are intense or not, and pray for the ultimate best!

I currently use 
1 slice grapefruit
½ cucumber, sliced
And A couple drops of peppermint oil (Because I do not have peppermint leaves)

Surprisingly it is not too bad. I added too much peppermint the first time but overall the water was quite refreshing. I am going to continue to watch Sheila (my belly I named her), and see the progress. 
Hopefully I can upkeep this water regimen. 
Crochet braids are back at it! I can honestly say i have not done these in a while but after browsing pintrest, I decided to install them but with a different texture of hair.
I have seen beautiful pictures of girls with afro textured hair and I could never find weaved tracks with that matched my likings so marley hair was my best bet.
I purchased 2 1/2 packs of the Noir and Reggae braids for the style (had to go to two different stores). One store only had a color 1, which I never purchased, and the other only had 1b/40 which was even more disgusting but I cracked and used anyway. Each pack ran me about $6 before taxes. I initially had 3 1/2 packs but I cut the first pack and half and after installing two pieces I knew I had to chuck it. 

For the crochet style, I simply followed my method here and made it work. I wanted the hair to look full so I did not separate the pattern pieces and just installed them as is.  I have to admit that the size was drastically overwhelming but it grew on me even after I razored and cut it twice!

At night I simply did two twist, wore a bonnet, then slept away.

In some pictures you will see the hair curly, I just followed my flexi rod video, which I will post below to make it work for this style. 

I kept this style for 3 weeks remarkably with all the tangled glory. I embarked upon everything I was to expect with synthetic hair, especially with the afro texture. Yes it tangles super easy, and yes it shed, but hey it was a cheap fix for my bad hair days, so no complain over here!

I have officially joined the b-side form think and grow chick's website. Read the excerpt below to grasp a better understanding of what exactly the b-side is (excerpt from
few years ago, I started a project here on the blog called, “The B-Side” which was an entrepreneurial resource for women. I ended up putting it on the back burner years ago as I made changes to the blog and introduced my bookclub, but I always thought it was a great idea and longed to bring it back one day.
Well, today is that day!The B-Side will now be a monthly mastermind group for entrepreneurial women. I named it “The B-Side” after the funky, lesser known tracks on the other side of my favorite cassette tapes growing up...
On the first of each month, I will create a 
On the first of each month, I will create a linkup blog post (our “meetings”) where we can all share our entrepreneurial goals, progress, challenges, and successes for the month in the following format:

·         Recap of last month’s goals
 ·         This month’s business goals
 ·         Current challenges
 ·         Current successes/things that are working

To read more click here

So this is my first b-side and I am super excited for what my fingers and my mind are going to produce. I have more than one business goal I want to accomplish this year however I believe this group (b-side) will enable me to do one at a time

This Month's Business Goals
I have had this blog/website for over 4 years now and I believe that it is time to step up my blogging game to increase revenue and readers. 
  1. Look for resources and tools that will produce income. I would like to view my blog as a business, so what better way to envision my business as an actual business by getting paid
  2. Find a schedule that works for me.  I think that I sporadically post and that is never good for routine. I think that if I can commit to at least two days a week, I will be able to increase post and stick to a schedule
  3. Advertising and promoting my blog more. There was a point in time where my readership and views were amazing because I would advertise my blog on other platforms and websites. It is time I took action in these marketing tactics again. For every post I produce I should be able to market it on at least 3 other platforms!
Current Challenges 
  1. Time! So I used to work crazy hours and had school on my plate, but seeing how it is summer and school is out for a while I believe I can make time for my blog. Those times when I feel lazy and just want to lie down, I think I will make it my duty to do a post and use my lazy time as an award.
  2. Twitter/Instagram account. When I first started my website I did not know how important it could be to brand my website on separate platforms. I made the mistake of blending my blog life with my real life so there are not two distinct accounts for my personal and blog social media platforms. I have a fear of starting over, so I will have to work with the platforms I have to the best of my ability because I have many readers and fans on my personal accounts for my blog.
  3. Getting readers. I have to be able to post about things that matter in order to have people interested in what I have to say. I have to do more research on what hot topics are nowadays to gain more readers. 

Current Success/What's Working
  1. My passion to help/expertise. Most of my friends always ask me questions in regards to what they can do to grow their hair and maintain it. I believe my experience and passion to help has helped me to keep my blog alive although my post are 5 months apart. lol 
  2. Instagram. Though I post rarely I still find myself dabbling in my hair and posting images. I think that my involvement with instagram and other hair bloggers/ insta-grammers will continually help me to grow readership 
Until next month guys! We shall see how my goals pan out.