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Saturday, May 22, 2010

So yall probably wondering to yourselves, wow, this girl just woke up one morning and said hey i want to make a blog!!! Well this is true somewhat... My blog is here to solely serve the purpose of entertaining, and educating. Yup that's right miss CiaE aka sheacutey (youtube) aka da don lil cookie cares for you, and also has too many names as you can see (lol). I really do want to help you transitioning divas and even those who are thinking about transitioning or even you other regular people out there (LMBO jk). No I'm not a guru but my daily goal is to be a lady and a scholar in the education of happiness. I really hope my blog serves out that service for you guys. Now let me begin.


In the begining God created the heaven and the earth....

somewhere along that line (govt name) Felicia E was born that's me!!! Now lets fast forward through a quick time line.

Age 14 I received my very first chemical based straighter because i begged my mother to give into the world and give up her hot combing hair days. The convo went like this:

Mom: Felicia come do yuh hair

ME: No mom it hurts

MOM: Don let mi haffi call yuh again mi seh fi cum!!

ME: Mom I hate my hair its too nappy!!

(Yes I'm from the islands if you couldn't tell.) She saw the tears i experienced when a comb had to be pulled through my hair but what did i really know about naps??? Not a darn thing!! So my mom gave in and I received a texturizer

Age 16 I thought i was so cool because i bragged about doing my own hair... At this point you're probably like huh? Well see a texturizer is solely for the purpose of short hair, and golly was my hair long. So the texturizer didn't really serve any purpose for my hair except by making it a wee bit more manageable. Therefore every time i received a texturizer i ended up flat ironing my hair to make it flat and straight.. Nope that was not good at all!!

Age 18 Well well well, at this point in my life i was fed up with the constant hair dresser visits and me spending my money on.. well crap due to the stubbornness of my hair. I no longer thought it was cool doing my hair for a look that i could not achieve in the salon. I took a stand and said Self, and of course myself said "Yes", "its time to cutt of your hair!! NOT!!! My dumb behind thought that my problem wasn't my hair but the type of chemicals causing me to take my texturizer to the next step, meaning a full blown out relaxer. Did that solve my problems??? well obviously not if im doing this blog about my natural hair journey... My hair ends were so dry by the beginning of 2010 that i wanted to just cut my entire hair off.

Now Since the beginning of the new decade (how cool does that sound) i have been transitioning, I have put all the Relaxers and Texturizers in a box marked R.I.P because i felt the need to really explore my natural hair. Most people don't know this but going natural is a life changing experience, and comments like "its just hair" actual mean something. I don't understand why so many people are afraid of understanding the true behavior of their hair underneath those chemically shocked hair strands. Currently I have taking a stance, and undergone corrective Mind therapy (sound hott right?? Its just a term I made up) aka Confidence. Many people are discouraging me currently but that dont mean a dang thing. You see I was so worried about what others would think of me that I forgot what I would think of me first. I have noticed that I am not my hair... why?? Because my Hair is ME!!! I love the feelings i have with my new found therapy regime. If you guys are interested in what I do in these therapeutic process comment I will gladly post about it!!

Anyway if you aren't too scared by this post and still are considering transitioning then good =) You see reading this blog is probably the first step in finding the real you, the real hair, the real confidence! No I'm not bashing perm by all means if you love creamy crack then all the glory to ya, but me personally, I feel as if my hair wanted personal attention some TLC and that's what I have decided to provide it. The number one msg i want you guys to take away from this is DO YOUR RESEARCH!! I will post some more info on natural hair so you guys can really look into it, and even some of my favorite websites that I am using on my journey.

Until next time beautiful people keep it locked with Naps.Kinks & Love


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  1. Im so inspired by your confidence!


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