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― N'Zuri Za Austin

Happy 1 Month Nappiversary! Be inspired #NaturalHair

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yup you read right!! it's my 1 month nappiversary post BC. January 2nd marks my Au Naturale Journey aswell. You may ask how I am feeling, and I would reply great. But to be completely honest I feel as if I am cheating because My head is covered with beautiful microbraids, but don't be fooled, I am the first to defend My natural hair. I was cruising youtube (my favorite thing to watch) yesterday and I was inspired By GoldenX's Channel. She told her viewers that sometimes it may be discouraging as a natural diva but sometimes you need a symbolic inspiration up lifter. This is why I made a collage of just a few natural mamas for my new blog look! Jill, Lauryn (my fav), and Solange are just a few Au Naturals that rock their hair and don't care. This is why I am challenging you to make some type of symbolic symbol or picture to help you stay inspired with your look. You could even send in your pic's to me and I'll put them up, because I love displaying talents. Stay nappy, curly, kinky, slinky and most of all Happy!! Cia.E

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