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I Hate Braids You Can Never Wash It!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wrong!!! Many people are misled when it comes to hair in general. Whether it be about natural hair or hair itself. Some common misconceptions are those that scare people from trying new things. I commonly hair ones like, Natural hair means Fros; Braids make your hair fall out; You Can't straighten Natural hair; Blase Blase. All of these misjudgements are due to lack of knowledge on hair itself. I have recently found great ways to overcome one false idea which is washing hair when it is micro braided. Sometimes people becom afraid to even wash their braided hair because they believe that you have to wash it under a faucet. Little do they know that when your hair is braided a faucet isnt needed to wash your hair and there are various ways to wash it.

Recently I have washed my ahir with a product called dry shampoo. I love it! It is a purple liquid/gel form that is easily applied to your scalp. You use the nozzle it is made with and run it through your scalp. After 1 to 2 mins you takre a warm wash cloth and wip the remining residue and your done. Easy as one two three. You can also use this same formula to wash each individual braid. The best part about this method is that your braids are less likely to lossen easily. When you are doing this method and many others sometimes it is easier to gain help form a friend, but otherwise this is a self serving technique as well!! Dont get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with a "regular" wash but I PREFER this method. To each his own.

Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo

$5.99 by Organic Root Stimulator at Walgreens

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  1. beautifulmindsetJuly 6, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    I never tried this mainly because I sleep so bad and my hair is not-so-kinky, so braids don't stay for long in my hair, therefore I never really keep them in long enough to have to wash them anyway.

    But I love Organic Root Stimulator products...

    Your hair must look real nice with the braid out though especially after to wash it... Must try...

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