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Im gonna wear my hair “natural” today…. #naturalhair

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ok so before I start this, please remember this is my personal blog, so I am completely entitled to say whatever I like about whomever I like. BUT I will never make it too personal to violate someone elses’ space…. (Disregarding Naturals/transitioners aswell)….

How many times have you heard… “Oh I am rocking my hair natural today”? Well My hand is raised way in the sky because during these summer months I hear it more than I hear the ice cream truck. When I do hear remarks like these I can’t help but smile. And not because I am in a mood of happiness… But because I find it foolish. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this term is spoken by those with relaxed hair. Yes, I am a drama queen so I have to explode this topic up!

The more I get acquainted with hair history the more I realize that some of the statements that are said are out of pure ignorance. (I still love my relaxed hair viewers) BUT saying things like, “my hair is natural today!” Makes me give you the blank stare -__-

Guys, let’s make this clear, once you’re hair is chemically processed…. YOUR HAIR IS NO LONGER COMPLETELY NATURAL… UNLESS you BC. So you haven’t received a perm in 2 months or 3 weeks… it doesn’t mean that when you do a braid out it is a “Natural Look”. That simply means that your hair is braided out! Or if you let your hair air dry, it doesn’t mean that your hair is Natural aswell. All of these misconceptions are just little pet peeves that show me that we are uneducated in all aspects of life. Now you may not agree with me but It’s just my opinion.

I do understand that these are just statements that women like to refer to their hair as, but most times when women with relaxed hair use these comments, it is because they have not the time or money to rollerset their hair… in turn making it seem as if a braid out or air drying is an easy way to go. The way I look at it…. Natural hair is precious and when you refer to air dried hair as Natural… its an understatement. Sure you are correct in some sense (seeing how you didn’t use any heat) but the fact of the matter… You are still relaxed… That’s it!

I love you guys! Stay happy and true


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  1. I agree. So many misconceptions! Also, I love that pic of Beyonce. She. Is. Gorgeous.


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