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My Top 3 Hair Resources #naturalhair

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Like any good hair care personal (that’s what I am going to address myself as from now on until I really become one lol), you have to have excellent resources. Resources that get down and dirty! Resources, that reveal the truth even if it hurts like stubbing your toe on a piece of furniture (we all know how that feels). In the past few days I have stumbled upon these three forums where I feel anyone with a head full of hair can benefit from such information as this. And these places are the Forums below. There are such great forums that help uplift transitioning women, women with dyed hair, men with hair loss, women with relaxed breakin ends… etc… You can find reviews on the latest hair care products, styles, help with unruly hair and so much more. The fact of the matter are that these three forums are focused on helping people like you to understand the hair that you have been blessed with. Take at look at each! Scroll over the pics to view each title of the forum.



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  1. you should also try great tips & support, that site is what made me decide to go natural, i did my BC a week ago :)

  2. I will try it! I wanna see pics of ur BC girl!! You better go =)


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