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Tales From the Kinks! (submit your story today)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you a newly Natural or have you been kicking in them kinks for years??? SHARE YOUR STORY!!!! There are so many newly naturals or even dormant naturals (those naturals who had no idea what to do with their hair) out there who are so lost... and need guidance. What better way to lead a sister on the right path with a tale from the Kinks. Share your experience about being natural with us by picking 5 to 7 of the questions below to answer. In addition send  2 or more pictures of yourself to be featured on the blog!!! Send in all information to !!!!

1. Introduce yourself?

2. When did you do your BC?

3. Why did you decide to go natural?

4. What was your support system like once you went natural?

5. What is one of the strangest comments you have received about your hair?

6. How to you maintain moisture and curl?

7. What are your favorite hair/homemade products?

8. What advice would you give to new naturals or naturals period?

9. If you had a choice would you revert back to permed hair?

10. What are some of your favorite sites for a support system?

11. How do you spruce up your natural hair on a fun night/special occasion?

12. What was your transition process like?

13. What are you hair goals?

14. Where can we find you on the blocks of kinks? aka the net?


You Could simply send in a story about your hair... with your trials and ttribulations/good and bads....even a narrative about your hair.. be Creative =)

Thanks all... spread the word...tell all to tell their tales from the kinks!


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