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― N'Zuri Za Austin

Cold War; Cold Water

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The talented and lovely Janelle (naturally beautiful) Monae has released her Cold War video!

Check the video out, and her retro chic hairstyle if you pay attention enough to catch it... Her voice is so heavenly and this video is worth watching on replay. You can feel her emotion and sincerity within her words and just her facial expressions in itself. I Absolutely love how she looks natural face wise and its hard to detect and blush(to add color). It is just sheer genius, not to mention her makeup looks flawless. lol

And because her video is entitled Cold War... I wanted to share a little tip about COLD WATER

When you are washing or Co-washing your hair, it is great to use warm water but let your least final rinse out consists of Cold water. Why?

Cold Water acts as a sealant and maintains the moisture in your hair strands. It also help to reduce frizziness throughout the day. Don't Believe me?

Try it for yourself =)


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