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Ms. James

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ms.Leela James is a new type of sound to my ear. Why? Even though she dropped a well known accredited album in 2005 and took home an award back in '08 at the Soul Train awards, I never really gave Ms. James a chance. Some may call it bias, but now that I am more in tune with my "roots" so to speak, I have taken on the role of an optimist. This is including the music aspect of media. If there is a natural haired women out there in the music industry I tend to draw near to that specific person. Sorry, I wasn't going to sugar coat it, but that is just one more thing that I and the artist have in common. It's a cold bias world out there, and although being bias is not too good for the soul, it is real... how many of yall can relate?


What stroke my eye? Honestly it was her hair. No, this post will not be about her hair, but it is beautiful! ;)

I am simply doing what she is doing...which is trying to bring back the artistry in music! Her voice is simply amazing and she is using her talent for the better!

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