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Olive Oil EcoStyler Review #naturalhair

Monday, August 30, 2010

I know there have beenmany review but here goes my mini one.

I have been using the Olive Oil Eco styler gel for a month now but have yet to review it. This is partly because I have never received the results I have been looking for....Until now...

The Ecostyler  olive oil gel is a water based product that is in a gel format. Before every use you should ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS use some type of Conditioner because this gel can really leave your head crunchy! It is true that Ecostyler runs in many different holds and types but i prefer the Olive Oil due to its max hold!

Before I apply this product I moisturize with my Shea Moisture line and add in a the curl enhancing smotothie. With out the smootie i never achieved the look I really wanted with the gel. I feel that the smooth really made my curls pop working with the eco styler!

Now this is just personal for me and TOni, but honestly I have never gotten such great result with the Ecostyler. And no these great results actually resulted on day 3 of letting it sit. I simply woke up on day three rand my head under the shower literally for a second and bam! I was looking curly-fied! It was so simple. My hand didnt have to touch my hair at all. Of course I swirled around in my hair regardless because i love my hair that much! My hair feels soft and crunchy free.

Would I recomend the Ecostyler? Yes BUT only in liason with a conditioner or the Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie.

I rate this a 3.5 smooches/5 smooches

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