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Tales From the Kinks: Faithlynn Edition

Friday, August 6, 2010

My name is Faithlynn Morris and I'm an 18-year-old sophomore at UConn.

When did you do your BC? I cut it all of in November of 2009.

Why did you decide to go natural? I'd had a mohawk prior to my cut and I wanted for my hair to start growing evenly again, so I decided to shave everything. Also, I'd decided to no longer use weaves or get relaxers.

What was your support system like once you went natural? Everybody loved it. It wouldn't have mattered much to me if they hadn't, as it would still be my hair, but everyone seemed very excited about it.

What is one of the strangest comments you have received about your hair? "So, is it gonna, like, grow back...normal?"

How to you maintain moisture and curl? Everyday, after I wash it in the shower, I put in a small but healthy amount of curl activator.

What advice would you give to new naturals or naturals period? Maybe just to embrace their hair as it is. I am very much an advocate of loving yourself as you are and as you were made to be.

If you had a choice would you revert back to permed hair? Nope.

What are some of your favorite sites for a support system? I do love

How do you spruce up your natural hair on a fun night/special occasion? I use some Jam on my edges. It's also one of my favorite products.

What was your transition process like? It wasn't very difficult at all. I simply had hair one day and the next I did not. I quite liked it, actually.

What are you hair goals? I had an afro my freshman year of high school, before I delved into many, many different hairstyles. I would like to see a nice, curly afro in my future.

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