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Afro's And Artisans: @RStewartJewelry

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I would say there is no need for a formal introduction but I must put my two sense in! This week's artisan is Rachael Stewart. You may have heard of her,and if you haven't you will! I absolutely love this lady's jewelry and her artistic talent. She is part of the reason why I may be brok this season. Listen to her story:


Introduce/Background info on yourself

I started making jewelry a little over a year ago, I started with making peacock feather earrings and selling them on my blog..they got a lot of attention so I figured I would try to make more things and since then I've evolved and the business has really taken off.  

When did you decide to throw the relaxer out (if you did)?

    I never transitioned, I've been natural for over 20 years (im 37) I wanted to shave my head because I loved that style so I just did it, It wasnt some great spiritual, natural journey..I just liked the style

    What was your support system like once you went natural?

      I didnt need one, my decision was mine and I didnt need support, I really didnt care what other people thought about it, I liked it and that was all that mattered and it still is.

      How would you describe your hair journey so far?

        its not a journey for me, there hasnt been an awakening or great revalation, this is the hair I was born with and im rocking it..thats all there is to it.

        You seem to be such a success business wise, what advice would you give someone trying to travel in your footsteps?

          dont second guess yourself, and dont make things harder than they have to be, the resources are endless and most of them are free, get a blog, a paypal account, and upload your product..JUST DO IT.

          What has been one of your biggest obstacles so far in your career and how did you face it?

            I havent had any obstacles, anything that I needed to do I just did it, Im not afraid to fail im afraid to not try, ive tried so many things in my life..some worked and some didnt but I went for it and I learned from it.

            What keeps you motivated(pertaining to life/work/or hair)?

              My son keeps me motivated, I want to provide the BEST I can for him and be an example of what kind of woman I'd like him to choose one day, also show him that you dont have to punch the clock for anyone else..make you own way...dont compromise yourself.

              Your hair is so beautiful, but what is the most craziest remark you have has received about your hair?

                Sometimes I get asked what I use on my hair and when i tell them I have one product and I dont shampoo it they dont beleive me, they assume ive had it texturized or "DONE: at a salon...ive had women get MAD at me because they thought I was lying..needless to say they had permed hair, had never seen their natural hair and had no idea what thier hair could do...I rarely engage in conversations about hair because its like talking speaking German...they just dont understand.

                Any advice to the aspiring successful women out there/closing remarks?

                  Yeah, stop asking for permission to be great.

                  Catch her on:


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