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Design Essentials #naturalhair Hair Line

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I have been watching TV surprisingly in my spare 5 minute time and saw a commercial for Naturals! Isn’t that awesome?? I really thought when it first came on it would be something like Dr. Miracle but it is actually a line that is geared to naturals called Design Essentials.

The ladies in the commercials are most likely wearing wigs…but there NATURAL wigs!! Owwwww!!

Any who being the product junkie I am, I truly considering trying these products. Its results are supposedly supposed to be magical and great for popping out those dull natural curls of ours. So next Thursday (my pay day), I should be taking a portion out of my check for one of these products. I think I may start with the Natural Curl Stretching Crème! The website says it is for high performance curl enhancing styles. Check out the website here!!

Hopefully I will have a review soon!

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