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Don’t throw out the dryer just yet #naturalhair

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heat can definitely be the enemy in most cases when it comes to hair. Heat damages hair follicles and can ultimately cause the hair shaft to break. Once the damage is done…it’s done!

It’s like bleach and clothing. Once a spot of bleach touches a black or dark article of clothing it’s impossible to reverse.

BUT there are some instances where you can bend the rules…

I know sometimes a lot of places like twitter or forums can join together and separate the “real naturals” from the “heat using naturals”, and this can be very discouraging at times. But I say it’s your hair, treat it how it likes to be treated!

On this journey of perfect hair (perfect in my mind of course), there WILL be times I opt to use heat! This may mean doing a blow out or even flat ironing but in the proper manner (heat protectants)… it is just my preference.

Most styles worn by naturals can be rocked without heat and simply Mother Nature’s hair, but sometimes it’s nice to speed up the process.

Have you ever wondered why there is cool setting on your dryer??

Some styles look a whole lot better when a dryer is used or even a diffuser. It in fact reduces fizz and helps curls stay in place.

Therefore…Don’t throw out the dryer! It may be handy in the coily rushed days!


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