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Take your shirt off! #Naturalhair

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I am washing my hair it’s all about the cold water (yup that’s right cold) beating through my hair.

Why cold???

This is because cold water reduces frizziness and helps to seal the moisture within your hair follicles that may be drained from the warm water.

But everyone’s hair is different!

This is true but when using cold water the cuticle closes up. It’s just like washing your face with warm water to open your pores and cold to close them! When using the cold water it will leave your hair shinier than rinsing with warm water.

Okay soo…. After I finish washing my hair I am always left with a few choices… Do I either

A) Blow Dry my Hair

B) Air Dry

C) Towel Dry

D) Tshirt dry

My answer would be D!

Now you are probably thinking this girl is nuts… but in actuality I’m a far stretch from nuts.

The reason why I don’t blow dry my hair is because I try my best to refrain from any type of heat possible. Heat tends to cause major breakage to the follicle and leaves my hair high and dry.

Air drying is always cool for me… but most times when I wash my hair it's in the morning and my hair is drenched in water. This just means that I’ll leave little trails of water behind me and I am not trying to get a phone call down the line about someone breaking a leg due to my water drippage…This is America.. They love to sue!

Because of my puddle issue, my best bet would be to just dry it, right? Most people tend to dry hair with towels…Yes this seems rational but I always seem to end up fighting with towels. Whenever I dry my hair with one, my curl pattern messes up and it ends up looking like a billow pad, or cotton patch… NO BUENO! I am also the type of really force the towel through my head and this in turn does rub against the hair follicle which can result in extra unnecessary breakage.

When all else fails…turn to a t-shirt

Why use a t-shirt to dry your hair?

When I use a shirt to dry my hair I make sure that the shirt is mostly composed of cotton. Cotton is a soft material that doesn’t iritate your skin as much and is used to help the skin breath. I believe hair is a part of skin therefore I believe this method for drying should work for Toni (my hair). Now I don’t really use the rub rub rub method in my hair with a shirt but the plopping method. I may not do it as they say I should but everyone makes techniques their own so ‘what the hay.’ I simply twist the shirt around my head and let it stay there for a few minutes to soak up the water without disturbing my curl pattern. The best thing about this… My curl pattern stays in tact. (this works for any hair type)

My advice! Take that shirt off!! (no pun intended)

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