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True life: I’m afraid of Commitment (OCM) #Beauty

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

 So I am going to admit it; I suck when it comes to commitment. To reminisce on my failed attempts, let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane shall we?...

About ten years ago, I did ballet, then 2 yrs after I stopped

 I became the FASTEST WOMAN in America of course!!!....

Not! I stopped the following year.

A few months ago, I started a skin challenge then ultimately, I gave up after a couple weeks. (you can check my earlier blog post for that)

This time, I am going to change this inconsistent life style!


I have recently discovered a new technique that may help my ‘greasy T-Zone always shinning face’ It is called the oil cleansing method. This may seem a bit bizarre at first but bare with me.

The OCM is simply this: Plaster your face with grease and make it sit!

Okay okay, so it may seem grotesque but let me explain…Most times when your face is producing oil, it is due to the lack of natural oils in our skin and out skin is trying to make up for it. With this method, oil isn’t being stripped from your face as regular products would.


My oil mix consists of 20% Castor Oil 10%Tea tree oil 20%EVOO 20%Jojoba oil 30%Grapesedoil

I let this mix sit on my face for a few minutes while I massage my face and relax. The goal is to let these naturals oils sink into your pores. I then get a warm wash cloth and place it over my face until it is cool. I repeat wetting the washcloth with warm water 3 times.

Lastly I wash my face with cool water and massage a dime size amount of grape seed oil as a moisturizer.

I do this every other night. I can honestly say I see the difference. I will probably switch my formula fairly soon as time progresses.


Note: Everyone’s mixture may not be the same. For more oily skin you may want to have more castor oil in you mix. Castor oil has properties of cleaning and healing which is why it is found in oil mixtures for the OCM.

Most Natural oils are good for this method but be sure to the research on the oils you ass to your mix before you start conjuring of your mix.

For more information, check out “The Oil Cleansing Method” site or

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  1. I also use this method and I can say that it really works. I no longer break out along my cheek bones and my skin is clearer. It also has this feeling of clean without my skin feeling dry or stripped. I use 50% castor oil, 25% jojoba oil, 25% grapeseed oil.

  2. Im glad it works!! I hope i get these results =)


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