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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Toni and I"

Knowing your hair is one of the best feelings you can experience whether you are a natural or not.

You know the saying, what may work for you may not work for me!

Well it is true. I have been so caught up in the media aspect of natural hair and scoping all the best selling products, which by the way has been running my pockets dry!, I have been ignoring what my hair really responds to.

I often times try a product and then wait for the outcome of something glorious, which never happens! I always think it’s me but on reality it is my hair not responding to what is actually being used.

It is month four of my first BC (month 2 for my second) and you know how you read about articles on ‘post BC dryness’? I definitely experienced that and still do. Now I always thought that it would pass but now it has seem to have gotten worse so it was time to stop drop and listen!

I went to curly nikki’s forum and posted “help I have dryness syndrome” and the amount of responses I received were all helpful. But there was one in particular that actually made a difference.

A fellow forum member suggested that my hair may not like the ingredients in the products I use… hmm sounds fitting right?

It turns out that I had been using a product in my hair that Toni didn’t like much. What was that product? Hello Hydration conditioner.

In the beginning I never really noticed what the problem was but after my switch to a different conditioner it was the feeling of a new beginning.

Hello Hydration may work as a wonderful conditioner for some because some people’s hairs don’t mind cones…Toni on the other hand…. Its like Iraq and America. Cones just don’t work for my hair anymore which is why this month my duty to Toni is to sift out the products in my product bin that contain Cones!

In no time Toni and I may be looking healthier than ever!


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  1. the same happened to me, before I really knew about many of the natural products offered online/in stores. I swore by Aussie Moist because it made my hair softer than ever (up to that point). But after awhile nothing was working and I consistently had hard hair! Things aren't perfect now but they are a LOT better now that cones are out of my life!

    I just found your blog and I really enjoy it- I definitely will be following!

  2. Thanks =) . Its like that sometimes... thats why this hair journey is called a journey for a reason. Things that may be with you in the begining may not stick with you in the end!


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