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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

"You may think you know me but you don't"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My dreads are long and flowly and I whip them back and forth... But don't you dare come by me and scream "rastafri"...I am not Rastafarian!

I may rock my puff with bangles...But that does not give you the right to say "all right my sister, with your black panther sign"!

So many people take a look at natural hair beauties and thinkg hey, she must be african, or a black activists. Me personally... I rock my hair for me. Not to signify a collective group or to show my "power to the people side" (i do love the peopole though lol).

So how do you confront those that think they can judge your character or who you are because of your hairstyle?

'My name is not extoic sir... but you may call me Felicia'

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