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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey lovely readers! I just had to share this with you guys which i thought was oh so amazing!

While doing my regular jewlery/clothing search online i found a wonderful inexpensive site! The best part... it is all handmade jewelery!

Miss Priss Jewels, is an awesome site which i believe just started up. Her ETSY shop and website has beautiful creative jewlerys and hair accessories that should be owned by millions across the border!

How can you resists pieces that look like this: 


She also does custom orders...not to mention she is a newlywed (*cough* support her *cough*). While browsing I spotted a really nice festive necklace that I can use for the upcoming season! I can't wait till her shop is more developed because i believe my money will be in her hands in a heartbeat. BIG SPENDER! lol

Check out her shop! I guarantee you will love it =)

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