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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

#Naturalhair Studies Volume 1

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Many people have been nagging me since the summer when I did this little study of mine, to post the video. I have to admit my video editting skills have been "RUSTIFIED" so please excuse the choppiness.
I interviewed just a few people and asked them some questions on hair during the month of July. Of course no one knew I was Natural back then because I had braids, if you remembered from my hair story.
These are Real people with Real opinions and none of it is staged.
I must have used this video as some sort of uplifting or insightful tool to get me through my "natural depression" stage of not revealing my hair!
Volume II will be here soon. Be on the look out!
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