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'Why Stay Natural' as told by @Madimom15 #naturalhair

Saturday, October 2, 2010

While on Twitter i always love to see input from other naturals as myself as to what they think when it comes to hair.

My random question this time was: "Why should you stay natural!??"

I know being natural can be hard sometimes and it you just want to throw in the towel but @Madimom15 seems to have a different outlook.

She says you should stay natural because:

  1. Natural Hair is healthy hair
  2. When you embrace your Natural hair, you are embracing what God gave you
  3. Jumping in the shower at your boyfriend's house =P
  4. Having Natural hair makes you fall in love with yourself everyday!
  5. Natural hair mean thick long hair!


Thanks MadiMom for your answers! I hope you all are encourage today by her answers and i question you this.... What are your top five reasons to staying or becoming natural?

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