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You got dreads? & Eve

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Never thought that question would feel so good! After 18 hours of hard work my head is looking like I loc’ed it up! Can you say mission accomplished? That’s right guys I finally did my yarn braids… the best part was that I did it on my own!

I am feeling so good about myself too. I often get stopped and people ask if the Africans did my hair and I say no, but this is of course after I convince them I didn’t grow these dreads! Lol

The minute I finished my last braid I felt relieved as if I had just finished giving birth.

All I know is that I am going to try my hardest to keep these braids in even though I miss Toni already =/

I have so many plans for Eve and I…

Who is Eve?

The alias of Toni of course… Eve is a name that stands for “living.” Living is definitely what I am doing and Toni as well, even though she is covered in this protective style.

Protective styles are styles that required your ends to be tucked away. These styles can range from pony tails, to wigs, buns, hair extensions etc you get the idea. This styling helps to improve healthy growth and ensure less breakage. It isn’t a easy pass though not to take care of your hair. Even though it is in a protective style it is still important to Deep condition and moisturizer your hair daily! It is a great style for you transitioning divas and those transitioning into the winter months with their natural hair.

My yarn braids are shoulder length (somewhat). I burned the ends and added just a few strands of brown to give it a highlighted effect! I am in love with these things guys!

Some Pros of Yarn Braids:

-They are light weight

-El Cheapo!

-Leaves your hair soft

-Very Manageable



Non so far!

As I go deeper into my relationship with Eve I will keep you guys posted! Here is a video by BlackOnyx that I followed to do my yarn braids

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