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Afros & Artisans: Tomoka @TomokasTwists

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Introduce/Background info on yourself (preferably background on your
Business as well)

I'm a science major who loves art.  I draw, write, crochet,
cross-stitch, and dabble with the piano/violin. With jobs in science,
natural hair, and busy fingers making something and doing hair came ~
naturally. I'm a curious person and had to know how to do Sisterlocks.
I took the class and brought the first Twists to the class.  That
day changed my life.

When did you decide to throw the relaxer out (if you did)?

I finally kicked the relaxer after a few attempts to go natural.  It
just didn't feel right anymore.  The time spent in the salon was too
much.  I would get gelled and freezed styles that were going out of
fashion at the time.  Relaxers were a waste of my time and my hair
really didn't take to them in the first place.

What was your support system like once you went natural?

I'm grown, paying my own bills, living on my own.  I am my support.

How would you describe your hair journey so far?

I have arrived!  The travel has been as beautiful as my hair.  I've
met a lot of people because of it.  My journey has launched two
businesses for me.  How cool is that?!?!

What has been one of your biggest obstacles so far in your career and how
did you face it?

I cannot think of anything that has been an obstacle. I've been
blessed that I've had smooth sailing.

When it comes to your hair, what do you find most challenging?

The hardest part for me and maybe it's just me being lazy, but roller
setting my hair.  I always say that I'll do tomorrow or next weekend.

What keeps you motivated(pertaining to life/work/or hair)?

I think we're all here to make life for the next person better.  I
would like to think that I'm doing that with Tomoka's Twists &
Sisterlocks.  It makes me happy.

Your hair is so beautiful, but what is the most craziest remark you have has
received about your hair?

"What do you have in your hair?"  Most people guess something like two
strands, braids, kinky twists and many get it right with dreadlocks.
When people ask that I say magic and then tell them locs.

Any advice to the aspiring successful women out there/closing remarks?

Be honest, humble, unique determined and fearless.

Where can we find you on the net??

I'm all over the place. If you start with the site you'll be able to
find me on twitter, facebook, youtube, and blogspot.


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