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Nose ring gone...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick update...

I no longer have a nose ring guys... I felt the need over the weekend to change my ring...Big mistake. Who would have known that my nose had a scar because of it and I am no longer to put a ring in it.

Is this a tragic loss?

Yes and No. A part of the reason why I got my nose ring was to spruce up my TWA. With my TWA i felt like a 'plain Jane' and in a way, I guess i hid behind my nose ring with my TWA. I liked the cute edgy look it gave me. I wasn't a rebel just a Natural Chick down to business.

Now that its gone...

I am living my life with yarn braids and a face with a closing pierced hole. Such is life... Thank God for my boyfriend who uplifted my spirits when i told him how i felt.


This week has been so hectic guys, but don't lost hope on me. The more interesting blog post are sure to come. College is such a drag so I am still trying to work out my schedule. If you guys have any blog post request feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

P.S I'm glad to see that the followers are growing, this means we are close to a giveaway =)

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