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Tales From the Kinks: Nayomi K Edition

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My name is Nayomi. I’m a student and I live in London, UK. I run a blog by the name of ‘beauty is a state of mind’ ( which is basically about natural hair, beauty and confidence. I started it June of this year after having an ‘epiphany’ on my way to college. It just randomly struck me in a time when had low self-esteem, that I shouldn’t need anything to make feel beautiful and I don’t have to conform to an image be beautiful. Out of that random thought I had that day I started ‘beauty is a state of mind’ a blog not just on physical beauty but also encouraging young women like me to become beautifully minded.

When did you decide to throw the relaxer out (if you did)?

I decided to stop getting relaxer the summer of last year for a number of reasons. Because I couldn’t really afford it, I was becoming more aware of black hair & beauty politics and also I was becoming bored with straight hair. So summer 2009 I had my last relaxer, but it wasn’t a proper conscious decision - I just never went back. Then after several month of transitioning very badly I ‘big chopped’ on March 26th 2010.

What was your support system like once you went natural?

Well, my mum had gone natural before me and seeing her natural hair journey was very encouraging. And my boyfriend was fully behind me, I think at time he was more enthusiastic than I was. Some of friends really wanted me to BC because they thought the short crop on me would look modelesque. I got a lot of great comments and compliments about my hair when I decided to rock it - so yes, I had a lot of support and not too much hateration, well not that I know of.

How would you describe your hair journey so far?

It’s definitely been a learning experience and I’ve made loads of mistakes so far but sometimes you have to get wrong before you get it right. Sometimes I’ve been frustrated and annoyed with my natural hair but I realise that would happen anyway relaxed or natural. It’s bumpy journey so far with loads of up and downs but it’s definitely getting better as time goes on.

What keeps you motivated?

My fellow naturals on blogs, vlogs and network communities are what really keep me motivated. The natural hair community has been really supportive - I mean I wish that there could be such interactive hubs of discussion for other topics as well. I would say that and hair porn keeps me motivated, lol.

Your hair is so beautiful, but what is the most craziest remark you have has received about your hair?

I’ve been asked if I have had Jheri Curl before on a number of occasion and I didn’t really know how to react because I was thinking does my hair really look like something out of the eighties (greasy and wet).

What are your top 3 products?

Eco Styler Gel, Castor Oil and Motion CPR Protein Reconstructor.

Any advice to the aspiring successful women out there/closing remarks?

Just do it! Be bold and confident and do what YOU want to do. Form your own opinions and don’t rely anyone else’s to make you feel good/comfortable otherwise you’ll never truly feel good about yourself.

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