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Why does my #Naturalhair look dull?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You wash your hair, start to style it and notice your hair is dull... what do you do?

You go to sleep and wake up with unappealing dry hair...what's the problem?

Often times when people wash their hair, they forget that their hair utensils need to be cleansed as well. Over the course of time, your hair brushes, combs and even hair scarves, become contaminated with oils and dirt that must not be overlooked.

After washing your hair you may think that the residue from all the oils have vanished but this may not always hold to be true. If you are using the same comb and brush used prior to your hair washing, that same oil buildup will be replaced back into your hair. This is one of the many causes to dull hair. The same goes for the towel or shirt you use to dry your hair after the wash.

When washing your hair utensils be sure to use warm water. I usually get a bucket and pour steamed boiled water into it with a tsp of shampoo. I then let it sit for a minute this way the soap is distributed. I than take out the excess hair from the combs and brushes, and put them in the water. I let the utensils sit for 10 mins and wash it off with cold water. Its that simple!

For your pillow cases, towels, satin caps and scarfs a simple hand or machine wash will due.

Never be too lazy with this process because it ultimately defines the difference between healthy hair and dull hair!

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