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7 Tips For Healthy Hair

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hat It up

1. Stress Free Life – excess stress and worry can cause hair loss. Exercising, meditation/praying and taking a long walks can all help relieve stress!

2. Rinse with Cool Water - Always rinse conditioner with cool or cold water. The cool/cold water will tighten the cuticle & pores and enhance shine of your curly locks.

3. Get A Trim - Split ends will only split more if left untreated. Make sure you get a trim every 8 -12 weeks; regular trims will prevent frizz, split and frayed ends.

4. Cover Up – wear a hat to protect your hair from the drying, color altering sunlight! Make sure your hair products contain Vitamin E, a natural sunscreen.

5. Minimize High Heat – Blow-drying hair at high temperatures will literally fry your hair. If you must blow dry your hair, ensure your blow dryer is set at low heat, or cool setting.Keep curling irons & flat iron of the hair to a minimum. Heat ruins the health of the cuticle.

6. STOP Shampooing Your Hair - Most shampoo contain sulfates and sulfates are in dish washing liquids to CUT GREASE, so it will do the same for your hair; it will strip all the precious oils from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Shampooing is dehydrating for our curly locs and it is NOT necessary for cleansing our hair. Washing your hair with a hydrating conditioner, or Co-Washing is excellent for our hair; it will get rid of excess sweat and sebum. Co-washing will become your best friend!

7. Balanced Diet - What you put in your body will show in your hair & skin! Make sure you drink lots of water and include protein and biotin in your diet, iron, iodine , vitamin b12 and omega-3 fatty acids are all excellent from healthy skin and hair!

By: Koils By Nature

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