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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

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Monday, December 27, 2010

In the back of my mother's art class, in the heart of Bed-stuy (Brooklyn), I was encouraged to explore materials and discover their possibilities.

Many years later, I came to realize that someone would actually spend money for my art and better yet, be willing to wear my work in public! What a high!

"My Funky Twisted Soul" expresses my desire to "Funk Up" an ordinary outfit with edgey  accessories. The person who wears my work, must be confident in herself and doesnt conform to trends; but rather sets them!

I'm not easily intimidated! My Funky Twisted Soul is my passion, my friend, my  connection to God, my therapy and release! It takes me on it's own ride and I follow it's lead.

I can't allow labels like minority ... to come into play as it suggests limitations.

I have an awesome support system! MFTS  (the business) started on my kitchen table!

So, there were times when dinner would be late because I was "in the zone"! My husband would sometimes be coming through the door from work, a hungry Jamaican man, and there wasn't anything prepared . He wasn't always happy about it, but he didn't make me feel bad! He and my 3 sons have really held me down. They set me up when I do events, my oldest son helped me create a studio in my home. ( So, I'm no longer on the table.)

As I mentioned earlier, my mother was an art teacher. Consequently, my formative  years were spent  in museums and art galleries.

One artist that my mother and I were quite fond of was Onnnie Millar. ( I've actually blogged about her influence on me as an artisian at )

In addition, I'm also inspired by materials, shapes, textures and color. I would venture to describe myself as a color junky! (I often get the WT.... look when I'm walking down the street because my style is unconventional.)

My biggest challenge is that MFTS is prodominently a one women operation. Therefore, most everything is on me. (shipping, marketing, creating, accounting...) My advice to someone starting out is:

- try not to be overwhelmed.

- Keep a to do list of all that you need to address.

- If you say you're gonig to do something; keep your word.

- Make customer service a major priority! (I stand by making the customer feel they are the most important person within my sphere because in essence they are. )

- Only deligate to efficient people who subscribe to your  vision for your business.

-Take advantage of free resources (social networking and webinars in the areas where you are least proficient!)

- Use your business as a vehicle to empower others.

-  Keep your eyes open for  situations that can lead to an opportunity for your biz

What keeps me motivated are my customers! There is nothing more rewarding than someone appreciating your work no matter what your modality is.

Success is a very personel thing. My advice is not to subscribe to what society deems as  successful. I would ultimately  love to see MFTS on an artist like Erykah B. or India Arie (someone who isn't caught up on blingin but rather appreciates the art)..  Essence mag  ...  as part of the wardrobe in a featured film or tv show... NY Fashion Week...

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  1. love your style!!!!

  2. Thanks for the luv and support! N.K.L .
    Peace from... My Funky Twisted Soul


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