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November-December protective style

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Toni and I had an agreement during November and December to remain protected until last week. I decided to try something other than braids and opted for Afro Puffy Twist. A friend of mine at school told me about it and of course before I dived in, i did my research. Afro Puffy Twist are special nappy like hair that creates these gorgeous natural-like twist.

I use 1 pack and a quester but never needed that much. It was my first time doing them and I thought it would be just like the yarn braids BUT the technique to secure the twist are oh so different. The video is a brief review of how it went. WARNING: The video quality sucks and the lighting is poor as well but i still wanted you guys to get a taste of it. I don't think this protective style was supposed to last a month, it is more of a two week hair do.

TLemme Know what you think. I may be doing these again but not for a very long time. It is not that managable and it made my hair ITCH like crazy.

P.S: If you get this style, DO NOT wash them I repeat DO NOT wash, it will get hard to manage.

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