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Toni meet Sasha 1.0 & Protective styles #naturalhair

Friday, December 31, 2010

My first protective style for the Winter! Its all about the half wigs for right now guys =)

What is a Protective Style?

It is a style that people wear to protect their hair ends. Often times people  use these style to retain growth and length and to protect the hair from harsh weather.


What can be a protective style?

A protective style can be Braids, twists, extensions, buns, wigs, lacefronts, half wigs, weaves etc. It is basically anything that will hide your ends or not have your ends out in the open.

Are they Necessary?

Because PS are used for protecting and hair retention I would like to say yes IF you live in colder climates. But if I were to say that it wouldn't be entirely true because there are some people who rock their hair out all year round and don't have a problem. But my motto is 'better be safe than sorry' =)

So Toni(my hair), here is half wig Sasha 1.0

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