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My roller set turned fake Blowout #naturalhair

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So I decided to deep condition my hair, and in my hindsight I saw what did i do?? I decided to experiment. Yes i was supposed to wear a protective style but I thought it was time to play in my hair...

I have always sucked at roller setting my hair, even back in my relaxed days, but I mean there is no harm in trying till you succeed right? Well I tried... and these were the results:

I used Koils by Nature Herbal Eucalyptus gel and my sheaabutter aloevera gel mix.

My hair was soft but my ends were disturbingly dry lol

Nonetheless I wouldn't call it a fail because I knew it wouldn't turn out great since I started rolling it.

I eventually brushed it out with a paddle and denman brush to achieve my fake blow out with absolutely no heat. For a more in depth review check out my video here.

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  1. maybe you should use another product or rollers. When i do a roller set I use a non-alcohol (alcohol ones tends to leave it dry & crunchy) mouse Jane Carter is good and i use the hard perm rods or the soft sponge rollers. It doesn't always come out the way I want it but I make it work.

  2. I wanted to get the jane carter because everyone loves it BUT im still in PJ rehab lol but i will try perm rods next time or even straws.


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