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#naturalhair Castor oil challenge updates

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I measured my hair guys! I should have done this about a month ago but hey whatever. As of right now after my trim, my hair is:
Front: 4in
Back: 4in
Crown: 3 1/4 inches
Sides: 3 1/4inches
So my hair doesn't grow evenly which I knew, but now i can accurately see how much the Castor oil is working.
Even if its not working, it sure is helping me keep up with greasing my dry scalp so thats a plus!
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  1. Did the Castor Oil make your hair hard?? I used the Black Jamaican Castor Oil and I think I used too much and my hair was hard. I was reading that I should be careful and not to use castor oil with salt in it. The salt will dry out your I the only one that experienced this?

  2. I have never experienced that. I actually refriend from using the JA castor oil because I didnt know how pure that was. BUT SALT IS very drying so i would suggest using a new brand or just not use it period. Maybe your hair doesnt agree with the oil =/


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