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#Naturalhair girls make me sick!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

She was real mad lol, and too funny. Once again sorry for the language but how do you guys feel about this video???

"You cant tell me how to get skinny, you was born dat way"

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  1. KML Wow that chick is going HAM, I mean she is so sick, I'm surprised she isn't hurling. She sounds like one of my homegirls, so I know she from the south.(gotta luv it)

    On another note don't you hate it when people act like they're gonna die if they let their call go to voice mail.

    As I listen to this she is saying some real shit. I fux wit her.

  2. wow... so i only watched it to like 7 or 8 minutes b4 i started typing cuz she's saying the same thing over and over again... i get the point. No need to take 14 minutes to say that... but she's mad. So that's it.

    With that being said, I want to know WHO she is subscribed to! lol... too funny ("witch doctor...stand under the moon with the rain water flowing") There are PLENTY of women on youtube who provide what she's looking for.. she gotta look. I hope someone pointed her in the right direction.

    I appreciate her sharing her frustrations though.. this just comes to show that this hair thing takes time and proper care.

    that's all i have to say


  3. @80z LMBO "she is going so surprised she isn't hurling" .... imma have to steal that one lol
    But yes I do understand what she saying but I swear her call could have waited too lol

    @Jucee Wow yall are good cuz i only watched up to 5 mins and then went to the end with her picking up to say something about type four hair for the umteenth time. I didnt even hear who she was supscribed too.. Witch doctor?? smh lol


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