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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here is my Inventory.... okay guys... Yes I have a prblem...

"Hi...My Name Is Felicia...and I am A Product Junkie"


Alikay Naturals Hair Growth Oil
Aloe Vera Gelly
Aloe Vera Oil
Bentonite Clay
Cantu Shea Butter Conditioner
Cantu Shea Butter grow strong cream
Carols Daighter Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk
Castor Oil
Chi infa Treatment
Chi infra shampoo
Chi Iron Guard
Chi Silk infusion
Coconut Oil
Control Wig Spray
Curls Curl gel les'c
Curly Q's Custard
Fantasia Frizz Buster
Giovanni 50:50 Balance Hydrating Shampoo
Giovanni Deep Mositure Shampoo
Grape Seed Oil
Herbal Essence Color Me Happy
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
Jojoba Oil
Karens Body Besutiful Sweet Ambrosia
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Koils By Nature Herbal Soothin Gel
Koils By Nature Shealoe Conditioner
Long Aid Curl Activator
Olive Oil EcoStyler
Olive Oil Sheen Spray
Organic Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo
Organic Lock and Twist Gel
Over 10 Combs and Brushes including the Denman
Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade
Oyin Handmade Jucies and Berries
Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding
Regular Olive Oil
2 Shea Butter
Shea Moisture Curl and Stlye Milk
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
2 SheaButter Oil
Smooth and Shine Curl Activator
Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Sculpring Foam
Soft Sheen Jam
Sulfer 8 Shampoo
Sulfer anti dandruff grease
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E Oil

The Best option For those who have unnecessary products or products that don't work is to swap. Don't Go out and buy others because You will end up with a load wad of products! There are places like Curly Nikki and Naturally Curly That support swapping, and it is pretty noteworthy.

More updates on Rehab to come

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  1. I don't have money for all that!

  2. Girl... I didnt either... this is the stuff I have accumulated in the past 6 months... most of them still being pretty darn fulll, with the exception of my conditioner i co-wash with... yea i Got a problem smh

  3. Its All About The CurlsJanuary 12, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    LOL...I thought I was bad. We should do a blog swap!!!

  4. LOL i truely have a problem i know. Inbox me =)

  5. PoeticGoddessTaraSheneaJanuary 12, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    HEAVY! Girl, do some reviews on some of these products. You've got at least 6 months of blog/vlog entries using this list. I'd be interested in reading/viewing your review on these products.

  6. wow i never thought of that! the only issue is that i only used these things probably once lol


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