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Product Junky Rehab

Monday, January 3, 2011

Here I am, another challenge... and surprisingly my castor oil challenge is holding up great!!But this right here. this right here.... this challenge is needed! My rehab needs a strict lockdown. I am participating in it from the curly nikki forums.

So here are the rules. Plain and simple.

1. Take inventory of what you have. This will help you when you feel weak. You will know what you have hopefully deterring you from purchasing more.
2. Stop buying products!! The ONLY exception - if you are completely out (running low) of a product, you can buy a couple of jars to get you through a couple of months, i.e. You are completely out (running low) of gel or a leave-in, buy a couple of jars or enough to get that free shipping cheers . And I know I have to get more detailed because PJ's need more detailed restriction -> You can't buy more gel if you are almost out of Qhemet's honeybush tea gel and still have some of Hairveda's whipped gelly collecting dust.
3. You are allowed to swap products. Heck, if you win any, that's great too. But don't come out of pocket.
4. Since most of us have our Black Friday orders we should be good on products for a while anyway. Let's do this from 12/25/10 to 3/25/11. 

5. Update as much as you like. Share your tips on how you overcame your struggles.

I will be posting my progress here as well! Pray for me guys *bows head*

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  1. My problem is I have not found the right products that work for me and my hair so I continue to buy. So i have to continue to buy to see what works for me even if it's buying to make my own products. I need a good shampoo (blacksoap), conditioner for co washing, deep conditoner or leave-in. Any suggestions??

  2. I have the same issue too dear, i will email you

  3. Misha The Fab ChickJanuary 6, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    I've been meaning to try this.


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