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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feeling like you forgot someone on the Christmas list?

Have a family member or friend who is expecting a little one?

Have you taken a trip to the gym lately?

Or need a way to represent natural hair?


Naps Kinks Love finally has a shop open with some items you can purchase for everyone in the household! Sprucing up a twa is also great with trendy apparel such as these.

Here are a few items: Naps Kinks Love Shop

There is only one item left of everything you see. All designs were made by yours truly. Take a look an let me know what you think loves. If there is also an item you would like to see or a certain design you would like me to make for an article of clothing let me know! "I got this"!

I am also accepting donations, although I don't like crying "Broke", sometimes as a college student it is what it is... and us less than wealthy folks have blogs that they like to give stuff away on! lol

Just kidding guys, but if you are feeling in the giving mood, feel free to donate. It is completely safe and is run through paypal. The link can also be found in the side bar to the left.


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