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Tales From the Kinks: @MiiSSkECiia Edition

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Day Natural

Tell us about yourself? Where you from, your interest...

I’m awesome if I do say so myself lol just kidding… I’m a mix of everything… quiet and social, exciting and boring, lol things like that… I LOVE hair especially curly hair… it’s something I stumbled upon by accident and I couldn’t be happier doing anything else [besides dancing] I just can’t wait to get out there and work!

When and why did you decide to get rid of the creamy crack?Blow Out

My aunt told me to stop relaxing my hair 1 day and I did… no long drawn out decision… nothing dramatic I just did what she said because she does hair lol… I don’t remember the transition… I’m pretty sure it all broke off but at the time my hair was dead last on my “Things to Care About” list… I decided to wear it kinky July 2009 after I began researching health hair practices and stumbled across a thread called “post your fro” I fell in love! After years of hearing how difficult my hair was I decided to learn to manage it while it’s doing what it does best… and haven’t looked back since

Who is your Natural Hair Crush?

Huummm… I don’t think I have one… =/ I’ll look into that

Why did you first create your blog or Youtube channel?

I created to act as a journal for myself because I was researching healthy hair practices but I wasn’t seeing results… however I wasn’t being consistent either… so I feel like if I have an audience or someone “watching” me I’d be more motivated to do what I know is right for my hair… I also want to have a voice in the online natural hair community and in the natural hair community all together… If I help one person the purpose for my blog has been fulfilled

TwistoutWhat were some things you did to motivate you to remain in the Natural Hair community?

It’s never been a struggle for me to remain natural… sometimes it is hard with a lot of the “When are you gonna do something to your hair?” comments but I never want to go back to scalp burns and flat hair… no desire what-so-ever lol

Do you have any hair goals that you will like to obtain?

My goal is Waist Length stretched… will I die if I don’t get there? No. I really just want lush HEALTHY hair

What is your support system like?

My boyfriend has been amazing! He knows just what to say all the time… My direct family… they don’t really say much I get the occasional “oh that’s cute” from my mom but that’s it but I began to wear my hair natural [kinky] for me so if I think it looks good hen that’s what it is…

What are your favorite products for your hair?

Hawaiian Silky 14-N-1 Miracle Worker, It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask [it takes miracles to tame this mane lol] Castor Oil, and Bronner Brothers Growth Oil, Enjoy Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner [this stuff gives me life!] I still have many product I’ve purchased that I haven’t tried so this list may grow (;

What is the craziest remark someone has said to you about your hair?

I don’t get crazy things… lots of nicknames though Chaka Khan, Suzie, Jill Scott lol the usuals

Where can we find you on the net?

1,000 places! Facebook, Twitter, Natural Sunshine, just search “MiiSS kECiia” [either with or without the space] and I’ll be there

Any advice for your fellow natural sisters?

Be patient… listen to your hair… and stick to what works! 

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