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Tales from the Kinks: The Musically inclined @AliciaJames

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tell us about yourself? Name, where you are from, your interest...

Alicia James, I was raised in Philadelphia Ms and now residing in Houston Texas where I was actually born!

I am interested in anything interesting! LOL Just kidding! Number one for me is family! I love music, singing, writing! I like to watch UFC, play basketball, even enjoy watching wrestling! I am a girlie girl that also likes to be a boy sometimes!  I also love natural hair natural hair natural hair!!! LOL!

You have Such a lovely voice, when did you start singing?

Thank you so much!! I have been singing as long as I can remember!

Would You want this to be a career for yourself? If so, how do you hope to achieve the dreams of being in the top ten billboards if you do see yourself at that level?

Wow! I would love for this to be a career for me eventually, if not singing definitely being a part of the music industry. Being in the music industry is  a lot of hard work, it’s not easy, so I definitely try to stay motivated and do whatever I can to make my dream come true!

Did any negativity get thrown at you while singing your heart out?

Oh yes! There are people who give you feedback to help you and there are people who give you feedback to hurt you, you have to learn the difference! Can’t mistake one for the other, doing so will lead you nowhere!

What does music mean to you?

I haven’t yet defined what it means to me, but I do know that it is in me, and it is a part of me. Even if I wanted to quit I couldn’t!

When I first discovered  you Your hair was one big attraction for me, when and why did you decide to get rid of the creamy crack (or have you been Natural all your life)?

The creamy crack….LOL! Well, I have been natural for two years. Big chopped September 2007. I transitioned for nearly an entire year! I decided to go natural, because I was tired of my hair breaking off. It would get to shoulder length, and never would get passed that point. My hair was looking pretty bad, and I just knew relaxing my hair was killing it! I did not know anything about being natural, going natural,  natural hair community, I just did it!

What were some things you did to motivate you to remain in the Natural Hair community? Do you reflect daily, make products to keep you on your toes, write in a journal etc....

The thing that has helped me to remain in the natural hair community is constant blogging and vlogging! You have so many people watching you and holding you accountable, how could you ever go back! LOL!

If you get bored with your hair...what do you do?

If I get bored, I just try a new hairstyle!  Updo, twist, twistout, braidout, anything! BAM! LOL!

Have you ever been tempted to revert back to relaxed hair?
Yes! Before I discovered youtube and all of the natural hair communities and blogs, I just didn’t know what to do with my hair! I was alone and lost! I actually bought the relaxer and was sitting on the floor getting ready to do it, when I updated my status telling everyone, I was cursed out by multiple people who will remain nameless! LOL!

Do you have any hair goals that you will like to obtain?

At first I didn’t, but after seeing how healthy my hair could get, I am not working on waist length!

What are your favorite products for your hair?

Shea Butter and  African Oil

What is the craziest remark someone has said to you about your hair?

“Your hair is like cotton, I wanna’ play in it” ß-REALLY???

Why did you first create your blog or Youtube channel?

I enjoyed watching everyone else’s videos, but I knew that in order for me to continue to educate myself about my hair, I would have to have a bigger roll then just being out in the audience. I had to be a part of the actual show! J

Where can we find you on the net?

I’m also on Facebook and twitter @AliciaJames

Any advice for your fellow natural sisters whether it be hair wise or career?

Being natural is not easy, especially if you have not been natural your entire life. Everyone will not like it, there will be some negativity, but if you love it LOVE it! That’s the only thing that matters, if you love it, the experience will be amazing!

As far as your career, it doesn’t matter what it is, just know whatever you want to do, you can do! PERIOD!


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