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Tales From the Kinks: Vontrice Edition

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who is this lovely lady with kinky hair? It's Vontrice, buy yall may know her as Ms.Vee from youtube. I must say when I viewed her youtube video on hair accessories, I fell in love! She keeps it real and most importantly loves the Lord. Her channel is funny, witty and keeps you wanting to watch more and more. She even inspired me to keep my youtube channel going! Just watching her makes me love myself and Toni (my hair) even more! Let's meet her!

NKL: Tell us about yourself? Your Name, where you are from, your interest...
Ms. Vee: Well my real name is Vontrice but as you know, most people just call me Vee. I am originally from Houston TX and have been living in Southern California for a little over 9 years (whoa, time flies!). As far as my interest and hobbies go, I have so much fun making YouTube videos. I am also into photography, croche, writing, and a lot of other things...whatever I can do with my hands. I'm a very creative person.  =D

NKL: When and why did you decide to get rid of the creamy crack (or have you been Natural all your life)?
Ms. Vee: I got my first perm when I was about 7 years old. My mom used to flat iron my hair but I guess she got tired of doing that (lol). As a young adult I tried many times to go natural without the right knowledge so all my atempts were unsuccessful. In mid 2009 I met a wonderful sister in Christ (who is also a natural) at my church who was a huge encouragement to go natural. She also provided me with loads of resources. Shortly after, I started my transitioning in October 2009 and did the BC on January 1, 2010.

Why did you first create your Youtube channel?
Ms. Vee: I first created my channel when I was into nail art (which I still am) and I wanted to comment on a YouTubers video. Around the same time is when I got into searching natural hair and decided to make videos documenting my own journey. But never did I think people would actually be interested in watching them.

What were some things you did to motivate you to remain in theNatural Hair community?Do you reflect daily, make products to keep you on your toes, write in a journal etc....
Ms. Vee:
God is definately my number one motivation/encouragement in my hair journey. Having my YouTube channel is also a huge motivation as well. My viewers are so great and encouraging. We help each other out and they keep me in check because I know they are watching and I don't want to let them down...we are doing this together.  =D

I notice you serve the Most high God, What is it like still being apart of the Young community and serving God?
Ms.Vee: Serving God within a younger community has been a blessing for me because it has allowed Him to use me to reach out to people that older generations have trouble with. Its easier to seek help and advice from someone closer to your age and even more so when they have been through what you have and can relate.

Do you have any hair goals that you will like to obtain?
Ms. Vee: Oh yes! In 2010 it was all about me learning how to listen to my hair and what it liked and didnt like. In 2011 I plan to focus on growth and styling my natural hair.

What is your support system like when you decided to go natural?
Ms. Vee: My family and friends are awesome. Everyone was totally behind me all the way. To be honest I havent come across much negativity at all, and the little I have wasn't as close as some of the stories I hear. But you know what, I always say no matter what you do in life people will always have something to say. Everyone won't like everything that I do and I certainly don't like everything everyone else does. So I don't hold unrealistic expectations about my journey or anything else that I do. I just keep smiling and living.  =D

What are your favorite products for your hair?
Ms. Vee: Ohhhh! Favorite I would have to say everything that I use. My basic regimen consist of 5 products: Chagrin Valley shampoo bars, Aubrey Organics GPB deep conditioner, Giovanni leave in conditioner, Castor Oil, and my Eco Styler gel. I have been using these very same products since Ive been natural and my hair loves it.

What is the craziest remark someone has said to you about your hair?
Ms. Vee:
The craziest thing? LOL..well it wasn't anything rude or anything, but I remember my first day at work after doing the Big Chop people actually though I put a perm in my hair to make it curly. I thought this was so cute and funny nd it gave me the opportunity to share with others about African American hair.

NKL: Where can we find you on the net?
Ms. Vee: As usual you can find me at
I'm also in the process of making a Facebook fan can stay tuned on my YouTube channel for further details about that.
And lastly my email is

NKL: Any advice for your fellow natural sisters?
Ms. Vee: My advice would be to always remember that you are beautiful. Always stay encouraged and keep smiling.  =D



Check out her video *DISCLAIMER: May leave you in tears:


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