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There is nothing wrong with the Thrift store

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Growing up, I always thought it was disgusting shopping at a thrift store or vinage shops. The thought of "old clothes" repulsed me. I could never embrace the thought of wearing someone else's clothes. You could say I was very ignorant and stubborn.

Two years ago during the summer funds were low and I couldnt find a job to save my life. I was discussing the issue with a friend of mine when she suggest i sell my clothes to a thrift shop. So I took a drive to one.

When I went in, it was so different from what I expected! The clothes looked high end and I was amazed at all the cute stuff they were selling. I had about 3 big trash bags filled with clothing that I hadnt worn since Grade school that I ifigured I could make money off of.

The process was so easy I filled out a slip turned it into the cashier and she told me once all the articles of clothings were checked she would let me know what they couldn't accept. She told me the check would take about an hour or so, so in the mean time i went to the mall. When i returned she told me she couldn't accept ANYTHING because the clothes were all outdated and worn, and thats when it hit me. Thrift stores aren't filled with junk. They also have clothings that have never been worn. They wouldn't want anyone to wear something that they wouldn't wear themselves!

With that being said, I am taking a little trip to the city tomorrow to a certain store... can you guys guess what it is?

The Thrift Shop

I am super excited and I will be sure to update you guys, but take a look at these videos. They were quite entertaining and thrift store related!

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