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Can lack of sleep reduce hair growth? #naturalhair

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sleeping as a primary function is used for restoring new brain cells and regenerating your body. It is when most of your body does the most repairing to keep you healthy. In fact when you deprive yourself of sleep, it can cause hair loss. With hair loss comes less hair!

There are some people who choose not to sleep because of their bust schedules and those who can't sleep because of Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders.

Sleep Apnea can cause damages to the blood cells and capillaries found in your body. This disorder can also cause obstructed breathing that makes it less easier to sleep and more uncomfortable.

Is a disorder not the reason you can't sleep?

  • Perhaps you are stressed through out the day and by time you lay your head down there are billions of thoughts rushing through your mind. Stress can eventually decrease your hormones and stunt hair growth. Bet you didn't think of that???
  • Perhaps you have a chaotic sleep pattern. One night you choose to go to bed at 10pm then the next day its 3am. Developing a well scheduled sleep pattern can reduce the anxiety while you sleep and reduce anxiety.
  • Eating heavy foods full of sugar can cause more blood flow in your brain making it harder for the brain to relax.
  • Trying to sleep on an empty stomach can make it harder to sleep as well. Try to have a set food schedule or snack on something light before bed, like fruits or vegetables.


Here are some things to try:

  • Keep a healthy strict diet that won't have you hungry before bed
  • Exercise, but make sure its not within the 3 hours before you are preparing to sleep because that may cause increased body activity
  • Sleep in comfy clothes.
  • Study have show that listening to calming instrumentals before bed relaxes brain activity
  • Push comes to shove...count sheep/ or day dream


So if your goal is to grow and keep your hair...get sleep! Simple =)



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  1. Wow! This is a bit distressing! I have a six week old baby and probably won't get a good nights sleep for a few more months yet! Oh well.....
    Jah bless

  2. I wish you the best with your bundle of joy!!! =)


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