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“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi, I'm Maggi and I'm  excited to be a guest blogger on Napskinkslove. I blog at CluelessCurl. It's about my journey to eco-friendly living and everything in between. I share the ups and downs of going green. Everyone has an opinion as to what "going green" means to them. There's really no right way. It's trying to do something than nothing at all. Going green is not reserved for only one group of people. It's a human thing. I have a segment on my blog where I profile women of color who are eco-friendly. Some are veterans of going green and some are like me just starting out on their journey. Check out my Green Light Features. Through this new venture I hope to create a community where we can share and learn how to be eco-friendly. I don't have all the answers I'm learning as I go. I plan to discuss topics that are worth talking about. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.

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