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#naturalhair Debate: If you ain't natural you don't love yourself

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks to my lovely friend Taylor who is in Greece living the life right nnow woot woot, I was able to read an article on a natural haired womens opinnion about relzaxed folks. Me personally... I think this is so overratted but apparently some beg to differ.

Here is the article from madamenorie:

Just recently, I had a rather interesting conversation with another natural haired woman. And according to her "if your hair ain't natural, you're full of self-hate." Mind you, this woman was also wearing colored contact lenses andd acrylic nails.

I’m a natural haired woman, and I have a problem with her statement- mostly because it’s rather judgmental and a flawed attempt to psychologically breakdown every relaxed haired black woman. For many little black girls, getting our first relaxer is an indoctrination. It’s just like going to church: You may not know why you’re doing it- you just do it because Mommy said so. At least that’s how it was for me. I got my first relaxer in kindergarten. And the whole experience was never really something I thought about until I hit my teenage years. I certainly didn’t hate myself- at least not more than the next insecure teenage girl. But I’ll tell you what I did hate- doing my hair. It was a constant conundrum because I wanted to look good (as most budding young women do) but sweat, water, wind (actually all the elements) were my biggest adversaries. And for someone who loves working out, going to the beach, fishing, and generally anything that involves water and warm weather, relaxed hair started to work my last nerve.

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