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Saturday, April 30, 2011

So you walk outside and POOF...your hair is all types of dry brittle oh and not to mention frizzy.... Whatever do you do?

I doubt ghost busters will be able to fix this one, but I have 5 suggestions courtesy of Naturally curly, that can help combat the frizz.

1. Lets try oils:

Essential oils will help to provide you with the necessary oils you need on daily basis to keep your hair free of flakes. It also won't give that greasy feeling that moist oil based moisturizers most give. A light mixture of oils (ie. tea tree) and water should do the trick

2. Deep condition your mane:

At least once a week,take out time to deep condition your hair. The hair cuticles could be suffering from moisture which could be the cause of your frizzys. Just simply shampooing can strip your hair of the healthy shine it illuminates. The conditioners have great proteins in them, which help the hair to remain strong. Don't just rely on moisture, but deep penetration of a conditioner!

3. Have you moisturized?

Sometimes your hair is just crying to be moisturized. Take some time out to slap a little loving on your hair. When your hair is wet it looks its best no? That's because water is a moisturizer. You can choose to moisturize with water or a water based moisturizing product. Keep the mane fine not frizzy.


4. What's your styling like?

Most times when we apply product to our hair, we miss some sections. Make sure you take the time out to distribute the product through each and every section of your hair.

  • Also, you never want to use a hard bristle brush to style. That could cause breakage and EXTRA frizziness.
  • Keep your heat products on low heat! Believe or not high intensity heat can cause more frizziness than you can imagine.
  • trim your ends as needed. Just because you are trying to reach but length hair doesn't mean your ends don;t need to be cared for.


5. Feed your hair right!

Remember that our hair is apart of our body, so what ever goes in, can potentially harm your head as well! The more alcohol you drink equals the drier your hair skin nails and body will be... Sounds like a big no no if you ask me!!

To read more information on fighting frizzy hair visit NC


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