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#Religion vs. #Fashion

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For quite sometime I have had both an internal and external debate on religious pieces in fashion world.

It is almost a pet peeve of mine to see people wear Rosaries who have no idea of the significance in the actual beads. Mind you, me myself, am not Catholic, but I still get offended seeing such articles when people wear them. Granted, it is hard for one to not intermix both religion and fashion these days with the amount of crosses and crucifixes that are imprinted on clothings... but is it right? In a wqorld wear fashion comes next to eating, its almost understandable as to why people pick up different fashion trends, which includes this one. I have no clear stand point right now but I can say that I am leaving more towards the ---

Me: "um...are you catholic"

response: "no"

Me: *snatches* Rosary off

No it is not christian like but let me have my made up aggressive states! Lol

Anyway as I was checking my email in-box today, I saw that Chictopia had an article on this very same issue. A lot of the issues that arose where the upside down crucifix and the undertones of fashion designer's religious perceptions in clothings. I for one thought this article was far from vacuous on its informative side. It rose a great point about the debate on wearing a religious symbol and not having respect for it. Many people can handle both task of wearing a symbol and having respect, while others can't.

The article then goes on to declare that Fashion is an Art form---which is true. But my question to you readers...

When do you cross the line with Religion and Fashion?

To read a more in depth explanation of the article, check out the article itself here


P.S- Sorry about bieng M.I.A I will be back on my game soon.






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  1. Wearing a cross and not being Catholic doesn't mean you don't respect it. You may just find it pretty or goes well with an outfit. I don't think religious symbols should be reserved just for that religious affiliation. People should be able to express themselves freely and if it offends others then they don't have to look at or associate with it. Example: I'm black and the KKK don't bother me because their freedom of speech should remain in tact just like my freedom of speech. I don't have to listen to or associate with it but they have a right to express it.

    Some may not agree with the way I see this but we do have the freedom to believe what we want to believe and I am ver thankful for that.


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