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And your hair just won't grow... why?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Coco & Creme have a few suggestions to explain the lack of hair growth that many of us experience. Although, we are just impatient and believe out own hair grows a an inch a decade maybe coco and creme have a few answers as to why your tresses aren't flowing.

  1. Have you washed your hair? Washed hair is treated hair...and treated hair means healthy hair...for the most part.
  2. How much heat have you used? Yes that's right... your hair could potentially be heat damaged. All those daily straightenings with that  device could have potentially caused heat damage. Heat damage in turn causes breakage and with breakage there is no room for growth.
  3. Does your hair feel dry? Moisturizing your hair at least once every day is the very minimum you should undertake when trying to maintain healthy glowing hair!The use of petroleum based products won't help the cause either... try using products that are alcohol (drying) free and more natural based products (which doesn't have to be derived from them)
  4. Could you possibly have traction alopecia? Constantly pulling your hair back with tight headbands or pony tails can cause stress on your hairline and cause..yes... permanent hair loss. 
  5. You are what you eat, no? If your goal is to grow healthy hair... why not grow a healthy body? we aren't getting any younger so watch your diet! Omega-3's and exercise should help you improve your hair growth acceleration.
  6. Have you trimmed in the past year? There are a million debates abut this issue but its simple. Just trim! Im not saying trim every day of the hour but trim as needed. You gain split ends and these split ends move up the hair shaft causing your hair to break off... that doesn't sound like growth right? Exactly!
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