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Could that extra hair actually contribute to your hair loss?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

After researching weaves and braids, experts have finally landed on a hypothesis that may have you think twice about securing your weave as tight as you do.

According to the article "Hair Loss Linked to Braids and Weaves in New Study – How To Prevent It" in Clutch Mag, Experts have found that “The resulting prolonged traction [used to create the styles] can produce chronic folliculitis, which can eventually lead to more scarring.”

Now is that scary or what?!

Sometimes we are so worried about securing our hair so tightly that it (the false hair) won't fall out, but at the same time our own natural hair at our follicles are more at risk.

Now does this mean that we should discontinue the use of weaves?

That my friend is a personal choice. There are more practical ways thought to solve this problem. The drastic "oh my gosh no more weaves" route doesn't always have to be the answer.


1. Let Your hair Breathe

Say you have worn a weave for about a month....give your head a rest. Give those hair follicles of yours time to restore and rebuild from the tension it has experienced. Do not install a new weave after another give it a minimum of two weeks.

2. Massage Your scalp

Scalp Massages help to stimulate growth and ease tension on your scalp. It feels good too! So why not?

3. Eat healthy

Be considerate of how much water you intake (10-12 Recommended glasses). Your hair loves water and that's a fact. Staying hydrated inside and out will help your hair to recover from any loss of nutrients it may have been deprived of, during the wearing of your weave. The body also needs Keratin therefore eating protein could help lower the chances of hair loss. 

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is the remedy for any hair loss that has a occurred. Try it in the pure form/ cold press or even the Jamaican black Castor oil. Just apply it to the area and watch the hair cells recover (if its not permanently damaged)

For more info check out Clutch Mag

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