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I don’t want to be “African American”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Although I hated my Black psychology class in college, I will agree that I learned quite a few things. It really opened my eyes up to different perspectives on race and their roots.
For you history majors out there and non history majors, it may be safe to say that you are familiar with the triangular trade and the enslavement of people in the Caribbean, you have the Arawak's and others I believe who too were enslaved by the Europeans….and that’s about as much history you will ever get out of me….
with that being said although it may have no relation….
I must admit that I don’t like being called African American. I get somewhat offended being called African American because I feel that it specific dictates that I’m American. Although the term may just be a term to keep relationships with others copasetic I on the other hand don’t find the term pleasing to my ear.
Me personally, I am comfortable being called Black.. or Jamaican. Some may think im ignorant.. and that’s fine. But if there was one thing I learned in that Black Psychology class was that you define yourself because race is as complex as calculus.
How would you define yourself if you aren’t from America? Do you feel comfortable being called African American?

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