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Inexpensive Lips #makeupLover

Monday, June 27, 2011

As summer begins I too begin. This beginning of mine consists of makeup loves and new finds.
If you know me, then you know that I am a big fan of color. I love bright colors, and now that the neon wave seems to be hitting the country, my love has grown deeper.
What’s great about lipsticks is that you can find them anywhere! That’s right anywhere.
Before I new about MAC or Sephora, I knew about “Beauty Supply Store”.
I have spotted the greatest finds at the checkout counter at the hair store. Although their nail polish is not the greatest I must say their lipstick (NYK) brand does me well.
It is highly pigmented and true to color Now I understand that some may not even think twice to purchase makeup if it doesn’t come from MAC or Este Lauder, but my friends I beg to differ.
The only issue that one may find with the hair store lipstick would be the last.
My trick: I make sure my lips are exfoliated really well and over the lipstick I apply a clear gloss (or pigmented your choice) and it helps it stay on.
You also would want to add something underneath the lipstick as well because it does act as a lip stain.
Here you can see 303 Fuchsia nyk lipstick
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