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Box Braid attempt

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I see it. I try it. That simple.
So when I saw Solange’s box braid style… I absolutely HAD to try it. Although it wasn’t a complete fail, I do admit that I could have done a better job. This was however my first attempt so I am very proud. I kept them in for two and a half weeks. There was no way they would have stayed longer considering the fact that my hair was literally overriding the weave.
To maintain I used:
African Braid Spray—Kept both my hair and braids soft (twice a day)
Oyin Handmade’s Juices And Berries Leave-in In Conditioner (every morning)
Castor Oil
Karens Body Beautiful Ambrosia--- only once a week… You can dilute with water in a spray bottle to moisturize

Next time I am going for the poetic justice look as well although they are similar…. I will leave this up to the professionals to make better use of the style period.

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